About The iBikeuBike Family

We are a plant based family of five on our lofty mission to change the world one car-free family at a time. We think life is cooler on two wheels and when we are living sustainably, not just for the environment (although that totally rocks) but for our finances and mind-body.

We figure that if we can share our journey, whether there are bumps in the road or winds at our backs it takes some of the mystery out of commuting without a car.

Join us, tell your friends and come along for the ride.



3 responses to “About The iBikeuBike Family

  1. Annee

    Hi folks, are you also carfree in Washington County? Saw your comment on the OPB show. We’re a carfree family of 7 in Hillsboro http://www.carfreefamily.org. Let us know if you want to meet and/or collaborate!

    • Thanks for the comment, our few minutes on Think Out Loud courtesy of Oregon Public Broadcasting were fun but not long enough to convey the importance of family cycling, especially as an alternative to cars! It is great to connect with kindred souls experiencing their own car-free revolution!

  2. Jessie ⋅

    Hi there, we are considering having a 3rd child…(Which we are trying to keep to ourselves). When #1 and 2 were born we did not have the bikey lifestyle we do now. I notice you have some littles and was wondering if you had any tips for getting around car free with a tiny one. Thanks

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