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About Biking: in which our 12 year old son serves up fresh car free perspective.

This post and pictures are by the 12 year old cyclist from the iBikeuBike family. Many days he logs up to 20 miles for transportation and recreation. He is home-schooled with an intense interest in theoretical physics, literature and all things living.

About Biking

I love biking for so many reasons. I feel a sense of freedom that I cannot have in a car. Bike speed is directly connected to my own power and my own limits, not to the cars themselves or the speed limits. On a bike, I can observe the world directly. For example, in the last few months, I’ve seen snakes, rabbits, ducks and falcons. I’ve picked wild morels, a rare and delicious delicacy, which we spotted near the road. We would have never seen from a car in fact, most people riding in cars have no clue what they are missing.

I know I will never buy a car, and I don’t know why anyone would. So many children and teens ride bikes. I would think that after that biking experience they would not want to be constrained in expensive metal boxes. There are so many pedal-powered options, such as bicycles, tricycles, tandems and surrys. There are even pedal-boats and pedal-planes!

I seem to remember every ride, short and long. Each ride has something memorable. Once, on our way to a berry farm, over the highway, my tire started to go flat. In the boiling heat, my mother and I quickly rode to the farm, along side which my mother changed her first flat tire. Unfortunately, by the time she was done, the farm was closed, and we had to go back home. Another time, during the cooler days, we biked the five miles to our favorite grocery store. We took a test ride on an unpaved trail, which took us two miles out of our way. It turns out that two miles is a long way, when the sunny sky bursts into tears and soaks through your “waterproof” rain jacket. The bags on the back of our bikes, which we had sprayed with a waterproofer, proved unreliable and filled with water. But still, bicycle riding, I think, is one of my favorite things in the world to do, especially before bed.

There are so many reasons, biking is healthy for the environment, healthy for me, if I can bike, really, so can you.

I have written a bicycle song for your pleasure. (hopefully – it’s my first)

I bike o’er roads through lively wood
Beauty unsurpassed by all
Yet as I pass through a glade
The forest, she fades
And ere long wither to scrub

O’re the scrub and thorn I bike
With but my family beside
The scrub withers to mead
If we survive the century
My dog walks himself

O’re the mead and fallow I bike
A phalanx of neighbors beside
The mead withers to fen
If we survive the decade
I sunder the mountains

O’re the fen and tussock I bike
My townsfolk peddling beside
The fen withers to stone
If we survive the next year
I fly through the air

I glance round at the barren waste
And the faithful bikers beside
The earth she rejoices
And be wholly assuaged
The forests shall flourish once more

I bike o’re roads through lively wood
Beauty surpassed by but one
For the wood wrought to glory
By the simplest deeds
Whose beauty surpasses the wood


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7 responses to “About Biking: in which our 12 year old son serves up fresh car free perspective.

  1. This is a beautiful post! I too love biking for so many reasons. Just today I rode all along the St. Johns River. It was beautiful and it was WINDY! I took a photo of downtown Jacksonville from across the river. I saw all kinds of wildlife, and rode through a historic neighborhood with beautiful homes and lush vegetation. Then, I met a very nice, helpful man who helped me with my bike and gave me a new tool. The world holds all kinds of beauty, and you can appreciate it most from the seat of a bicycle. Thank you for your post!

  2. Reblogged this on countingdownfromzero and commented:
    I hope Syd feels this way!!

  3. What a fabulous post on the benefits and joy of cycling! If we want to get more people out of cars and onto bikes, this is just the sort of positive message which needs to be spread. Hopefully you don’t mind me linking to it on my own blog? 🙂

  4. Ezra

    This is a great! I really enjoyed reading it, so creative, and inspiring. I read this after I biked to work on one of the coldest days of the year, and I felt invigorated biking and you have touched on so many of the reasons why I love to ride!

    Awesome job, ibikeubike family!

  5. Ezra

    Haha sorry but above of course I meant to say, “This is a great POST!” Love it!

  6. Davey Oil

    I love this song. I love the swelling of the ranks of fellow travelers from verse to verse. Lovely vision of a lovely life.

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